A survivor through melodies, music has been my lifeline countless times. Without its harmonious embrace, my existence would have been incomplete

kaveh Sayani is an Iranian guitarist and musician born on January 12, 1997. Like a song, his life is filled with highs and lows, moments of joy and sorrow. He has used those experiences to create an exquisite melody, and his lessons help others do the same. He started playing guitar at 17, with his brother. He learned guitar and music as a beginner and then advanced his skills by joining a music academy to study music. Kaveh’s musical journey has been inspirational, as he has worked hard to master his craft and achieved a certain level of expertise. He has built a strong reputation as a musician and instructor, and his work has been recognized by many. His unwavering commitment to music has allowed him to collaborate with various artists and musicians, both locally and internationally, and expand his musical horizons. Kaveh cherishes what he has learned from them, but also strives to discover new things. He believes that “knowledge is infinite and there are always new things to discover”. His journey is just beginning and he has an album in the works.

Charlotte Cox

Kaveh’s Manager
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